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Valentino Flagship Store New York

We have already written about Valentino and his minimalist taste – specifically about his ‘Crepe Couture’ collection [Read more]. This time we’ve got something else for you. Valentino’s Flagship Store in NY designed by David Chipperfield, a British architect mostly known by his museum designs.

The Postmodern building (originally designed by architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson) was transformed into Valentino’s retail boutique space in 2014. The impressive eight-story façade with black steel and aluminium elements “Wows” people from the outside, and draws them inside with a lot of natural light, which seems to be warmly received.


The interior matches the exterior philosophy, with ‘simple’ yet attractive decor ensuring that the fine garments remain centre stage. The best example is a wall where bags are displayed; illuminated by elegant brass lighting hung from the ceiling.


A series of pure volumes, such as marble blocks and free standing marble columns, complete the space and elevate the garments to objet d’art status.


Chipperfield’s passion for minimalism is no surprise. During the mid-eighties, as a young and upcoming architect, he gained immense popularity in Japan, where he designed most of his buildings early in his career as an independent practitioner. Japan has clearly left a huge mark on the his architecture, and rooted his love and passion in minimalism and simplicity.


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