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Hold my bottle and watch!

We’ve just finished celebrating Christmas and New Year but the celebration period is far from over. From 6th of January, we are starting another ‘festive period’ called carnival. Carnaval comes from latin and combines the words ‘caro’ – which means meat, – and ‘vale’ – meaning ‘goodbye’ or ‘so long’. In other words, a period in which we say ‘goodbye’ to meat – ‘farewell to meat’. It continues up to Ash Wednesday (1st March this year) which, in catholic tradition, marks the beginning of Lent. Undoubtedly one of the most recognisable carnivals takes place in Rio De Janeiro (24th-28th February) and Venice (11th – 28th February). If there is a carnival, there needs to be wine! So wherever you decide to spend yours, this beautiful copper wine holder looks like the perfect addition to your stylish home, and as always, our timing is perfect. As you know, we love beauty especially when it’s functional, and you definitely won’t want to hide these away in your wine cellar – these beauties deserve to be appreciated on a daily basis! You might even forget about drinking. A perfect product for wine storage before, during and after a carnival.









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