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Healthy life and … teeth

New Year ha!.. and all gyms are getting busier and filled with new year ‘resolutionists’. Losing weight, staying healthy and similar phrases are back to the very top of online searches. On that note, but in a slightly different tone, we would like to introduce you to our main focus in today’s post – a minimalist dental clinic with an unusual design concept. Most of us associate clinical buildings with windowless, rather cramped spaces and a claustrophobic feel. 001 How about this then? Large windows which bringing a lot of natural light inside. Nature introduced to the space, not in the form of a photographic wallpaper or a poster, but in the form of a real and living plant. It feels airy, refreshing and well… healthy. 002 The only downside, I suppose, is the fact that the clinic is located in Japan. Although travelling to Japan once a year to get your teeth done is perhaps not such a bad idea?!


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