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To Just BE!

We’re back in London, with a quick break between meetings, my favourite houmous & falafel wrap is going down well. Trying to catch up with everything after our trip to Asia (watch this space, some truly amazing pictures very soon) and a little dilemma occurs in my head: what should we share with you today? Frankly speaking, we haven’t had enough time to get all the images from Singapore and Bangkok ready, so it will have to wait a bit! So, let’s think about something else… and here is an idea. February is a bit odd due to its 28/29 day length, and always seems to finish before it’s even started doesn’t it? Let’s look at what happened on 28th of February in years gone by.

Some historical events on this day include Canadian Rugby Union adopting the forward pass in 1931, the Amsterdam Hotel of the Red Lion received pavement permit (source: in 1935 – all extremely important I suppose! And there it was: in 1975 a major tube crash at Moorgate station in which dozens of people lost their lives. Extremely sad. And then I realised in which part of London I was, and which tube service I’d used just a few minutes ago. It happened 42 years ago, but it could happen anytime, anywhere. We so often don’t appreciate what we already have.

That houmous & falafel wrap tasted amazing, not to mention the green tea. I don’t have an update about design this time, but sometimes it’s ok to enjoy the moment, to just “be”, don’t you think?


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