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Singapore city of unexpected.

Singapore, the high-tech city-state, is a global financial centre and top of the world’s hot-list destinations. It can be also a city of an unexpected turn of events. Let me start from the beginning.

Arriving in Singapore is probably no so different to arriving in any global city. Nice looking airport, impressive immigration desks and all that…The first surprise came when buying a pay-as-you-go sim card. Unlimited. We all know that unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited, but in Singapore it means a whopping 100GB data allowance. WOW! I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know where you’re reading from, but here in the UK all you can wish for is 5GB (and let’s face it, the speed of a rather old Russian tank). Anyway let’s come back to Singapore; so the internet infrastructure in ENVIABLE. Let’s make a move to town. Ok so we find yet another surprise. When buying your tube ticket, you can NOT pay with your card. WHAT? Yes in this high-tech state the only way to buy a tube ticket is old fashioned CASH. And according to the information given by the ticket office, it is best to use COINS as there are some problems with notes, sometimes. So back to reality, a nice jog back to the terminal, ATM, notes, ticket office, coins and we are back on track.

The city itself?! It can truly amaze. Courageous architecture, great infrastructure and polyglot pedigree. Singapore has no problem embracing its British heritage as well as the Malay, Chinese and Indian influences that have chiselled a place in its history. Bustling Chinatown, a spicy Little India and the vibrant colours of the ArabQuarter. All that on less than 278 square miles.

Our main interest, as a design geek couple, was undoubtedly Marina Bay. Marina Bay represents all that’s modern and innovative about Singapore. It is a 360-hectare extension to the Central Business District and home to the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its truly breathtaking infinity pool view.

Behind the Marina Bay, you can find the most recent development and another statement of Singapore creativity and innovative thinking, ‘Gardens by the Bay’ with their unique and spectacular artificial trees and highly recommended dragonfly bridge.

A little summary of a very short stay with not a great deal of time for leisure activities. Singapore, the city of the unexpected which probably can’t be discovered in such a short time and just gives an appetite for more.


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